Monday, February 2

At it again, this time for real!

I had a brilliant idea today..I'm going to start a blog, and hopefully keep up with it. This time I don't think it will be as difficult. This time it will be about the fun creations and experiments that go on in my "sweet haven" -the kitchen! I am still in love with cooking despite my recent "early retirement" from Daily Bread Delivered. I also am going along with my new years resolution to be more myself in front of others..with that said, blogging will be much easier since I wont be trying to keep up with my sisters awesome writing skills, Nicole's wit, and my husband's amazing grammar skills. I'M GOING TO BE MYSELF!...myself in the kitchen that is!! So here it is, hopefully a weekly post on the things that go on in my most favorite room of the house THE KITCHEN!!! It makes me smile as I type.

Last week I ventured down memory lane to make a well-known, sweet baked good,...a hostess cupcake! (now that i think about it, i dont really remember indulging in these!??) They turned out cute but as far as taste goes..P (my husband) gave it a "they're good". Now before I go on any farther the ratings of P (the true test) should be explained...a "there good" means that they are just okay, I've had better, I'd be okay if you didn't make them again. I'm pretty sure I have learned the words of my husband and their meanings over the past 3 years! Along with each post I will give a P-rating (kinda like g-rated!) and probably have to explain each one as we go...:)

Recipes will be given upon request of course! That is if people actually read this!

I hope to continue for a while on "novelty creations" ...i like 'em, and really enjoy making them for my husband TRANS FAT FREE! (since most contain loads of those bad guys!)

That's it for now!

Always "basting" in HIS grace! :) MSP

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