Sunday, February 8

Pastry CRAZE!

Since my husbands new job he has had to get up A LOT earlier than he was used to...considering he is a major night person this is not an easy task. Put it this way, the man leaves the house at 7:15 and says to me, "wake me up at 6:45"! YES, 30 min. to get ready and leave. My first thought and comment was..."and your going to have time to eat breakfast??" (considering his wife is a stickler on healthy eating, she knows that breakfast is the most important meal of the day!) and his response, "I'll have a Mysti McMuffin to-go please!"
All this to say, I have had to get creative on to-go breakfasts (and "to-go" lunches for that matter!) to quickly hand off to him as he swiftly (and gracefully i might add) runs out the door. (frizzy headed and all!) ha ha

Last week I somewhat cheated, I fixed him the normal batch of fruity (whole grain of course!) muffins, made enough for the week and prepackaged was really easy! But this week I decided to get more creative. I added the V-day twist since its coming up and all...and this is what I came up with!
Strawberry Heart Tarts!

I had a bit of pastry dough leftover so then I went crazy...Brown Sugar POPTARTS anyone??
...and then a special personal sized "Sweetheart Apple Tart" for last nights dessert
...It was fun...and to top that off, at one point when "P" came in the kitchen to give me a hug, my apron was covered in flour and he backed up like I was a sweaty old man he didn't want to hug! WOW that little turd...needless to say, he still gave me a kiss! :)

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