Monday, March 16


Breakfast with the Pace's-
Monday, March 16th These were actually made and enjoyed this weekend, but thankfully the batch I made was more than enough so I decided to try and freeze half for P's weekly breakfast! I steamed them up this morning and they turned out great.
Unfortunately for P I am not the biggest fan of super sweet breakfasts, his favorite consist of ALL things sweet (except for the infamous bacon of course! :)). One of his favorites is cinnamon rolls. I have done quite a few renditions of them trying my hardest to make them healthier, less fatty and sweet. Nothing comes out as good as the regular ole Pillsbury Dough (excuse the language) Crap! Frustrated as all get out, I would just end up making the "normal" recipe I had...and call it quits.

That is until I conjured up this handy dandy recipe. It uses the steam method I had talked about before in my corn dogs. The filling is mostly fruit, sweetened with a tad bit of agave, the roll part is made with part whole wheat flour...the only thing I compromised on was the glaze for P's...a mixture of powdered sugar and milk.

I must say there are a few tweakings I would like to do to this recipe before posting it. I promise though, once perfected, I will post. My guinea pig wont mind the few taste testings in between, I'm sure!

Just in case you were questioning...I decided to take a picture of my morning ritual - "tea-latte". If you happen to have tea or (coffee even!), I must recommend one of my most favorite kitchen devises! A "spinner" is what I call foams the soy milk that goes on my "tea-latte" and it's oh so yummy. It works with regular milk as well! :)

That's all for now, sorry this post wasn't St. Patrick mostly despises any green food!!

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