Saturday, April 25

Small Sweets!

Don't ask me why, but I have been a little obsessed with small treats latley. I try and conjour up a recipe to make and they always come out cute and small...on purpose of course! This weekend we are headed to "peepaw's party". My dad has had this party planned for over 2 months now and claims this is the only way to get everyone together...plan WAY in advance. I was given the honorable duty of providing "fun desserts"...yes that is an exact quote from peepaw himself! Considering I am on a major budget crunch right now, I didn't have much to choose from, I basically said "whatever is in my pantry I will make"! I finally came up with 2 treats that were both "fun" and kid/adult friendly, I HOPE!

The first one was bite-sized sugar cookies (a recipe i got from Martha) and I added some crushed up red-hots. P-aproved...moving on!
The more adult friendly was made because I have had this jar of apricot jelly in my fridge for a while...who in the heck knows or remembers why I bought it in the first place because I'm not sure either person in our household eats or desires apricot jelly! This is a recipe adapted from one I found on P-aproved as well! woohoo, 2 for 2!

OH, but im not done yet! Saturday mornings I always feel the need for a new/creative breakfast to change up the pace (yes i said pace!) of our usual week-day breakfasts. It took me a while to decide on this one but since not to long ago I bought a 5lb bag of natural cornmeal (bc it was cheaper per oz.) I dont know what I was thinking when i bought that either because I rairly ever use cornmeal! Latley, I have been trying to use it more because, I have it, might as well use it! I found a recipe for cornmeal pancakes..your probably thinking UCK if you havent tried them but honestly they were light and fluffy just like reg. pancakes..the only diff. was of course the yellow tint and also the outside was a little more crispy which I LOVED!! I am not a big pancake fan myself just because I can't use syrup (it affects my hypoglycemia) but I really wanted them this morning so I whipped up some cooked down frozen berries I got for free from my mom! and waaalaah all-fruit syrup! p-raiting - an clean plate is always a good thing!

Now here's the secret...everything I made incorporated something I have been wanting to "get rid of" in my pantry...yes that obsession with using things that clutter up my pantry for more than I would like. Left over crushed red-hots, apricot jelly, a package of ham glaze I did use on a spiral ham I bought for a caitering gig, and cornmeal!

Hope yall have a wonderful weekend! If you want any of the recipes from this post just leave a message, I'd be glad to give 'em to you!!

Livin' it up in God's SWEET grace!!!

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