Friday, February 18

An Ode to The Cast Iron Skillet

I was tempted to deny my desire to blog about kitchen utensil but when it comes down to it, I just can't help myself. The Cast Iron Skillet. On Christmas I received, as what most thought- a simple, archaic kitchen devise to add to my growing kitchen utensil collection. But let me let you in on a little secret. The cast iron skillet is amazing. My first real one ever and from reading about them, it could very well last me my whole life...and then my daughter's (no that's not a hint), and her daughter's WHOLE life. Not only inexpensive, the cast iron skillet is a smart buy for those that want something that will last a long time. In fact, the longer you use it, the better it gets! :) How could you pass up using something that promises that? I have been reading research on how the Teflon in non-stick pans is harmful and surprised at how often they suggest you replace them due to the non-stick coating wearing off. The chemical found in the non-stick substance is called polytetrafluoroethylene, or PTFE for short. It has been tested that the chemicals used to make PTFE are extremely toxic. DuPont owns the trade mark of Teflon which is what the non-stick surface in pans is called.
Although DuPont responded to harmful effects of PTFE, "Teflon pans are safe so long as you don’t heat them above 500 degrees or use them in the broiler." The also said that you should not heat your non-stick pan empty- with obvious good reason. "In a test, the EWG placed three different PTFE-lined pans on three different stoves (electric and gas) and turned the burners on high. After five minutes, all three pans reached temperatures between 664 and 774 degrees."

After reading MUCH more on the subject, I decided to stay on the safe side and go back to what usually works; go back to the basics. It seems like all these "easy, quick methods" are doing us more harm than good.

Since receiving The Cast Iron Skillet, I have almost made it a decoration on my stove top, I use it so much!
Two recipes that I have recently made with it are; a healthy version of Cornbread, and Martha Stewart's Skillet Baked Chocolate Chip Cookie! Both with high reviews! :)

For more Information on PTFE refer to Revolution Health.

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