Friday, February 22

I recently spent a few minutes remembering the good ole days when cooking was on the top of my list of most enjoyable things to do. Don't get me wrong, I still love to cook but even reading the last post I submitted on this blog, unbelievably almost 2 years ago, its amazing how much my life has changed. I smiled at the fact that although I didn't know it at the time only 3 short days after my last post I found out we were pregnant. The moment my life got flipped upside-down!

I wouldn't trade that somersault for anything in the world but I have to admit it's sweet nostalgia to go back and remember the days of food blogging, days in the kitchen, and hours mulling over new recipes.

I put this blog aside initially because the first few months of my pregnancy I couldn't think about food without chunks rising unless it was Wolf Brand Chili, breakfast sausage, or Cheetos. Who's going to read a blog about those?? After the first semester passed I found myself still not too interested in cooking and more time was focused on getting ready for our new family member. Then she arrived and as they all say "time flies" and boy has it. Cooking has come back into the picture on an occasion but its mostly to provide meals for my family and not necessarily for pure enjoyment like it used to be.

Although bittersweet, it's time for this blog to come to a close for now. Who knows if one day I will pick it back up but for now I feel like closing this door. New things rank at the top of my priority list, new hobbies, and a new person fills my life.

I hope to be more diligent in blogging on a new subject with a possible/occasional food post here-

That's all for now.

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