Wednesday, February 25

D.I...Y? Because I like to!

Lately I have been obsessed with DIY blogs/websites..I now have a folder in my favorites dedicated to projects and ideas I hope to one day accomplish and use in my home! So my creative juices have been flowing, and I have had plenty of time for them to flow! so why not try a few out eh??

This one is for my niece Ella, her birthday was Monday and her party is this coming Saturday, so hopefully it will fit her, I went with her size measurements and was pleased with the way it turned out....not to mention it started out a men's button down shirt! :)

this is the front...

this is the back! which kind of looks like the front since I haven't taken the original tags out of the shirt! :)

I also made some old yuckie (by yuckie i mean they fit really weird) jeans I have been saving to make just this...a new skirt!!

Sorry for the short post, I had to get them up....I have a new creation tomorrow as well! so until then!! :)

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