Thursday, May 7

Recycling and Re-using...

I have actually surprised myself lately with all that I feel compelled to do! Okay so maybe not, just taking my "homemade obsession" to another level this week. I have enjoyed it!
I have been waiting for a while till the box of plastic baggies I bought a while ago ran has been a conscious effort of mine not to use them as much and when they start running out to make reusable ones that you can store food and just about anything you would normally use a plastic bag for! I had lots of left over fabric from previous projects that have been laying around so on Saturday I convinced my sweet husband to take me to Hobby Lobby to buy some plastic and velcro...not to mention i had a 40% coupon that couldn't go to waist! I ended up spending 2$ and this is what came of it...

They are cotton on the outside and line with a plastic fabric on the inside, then velcro lines the openings...
I must say, they are cute...reusable and def. worth the dollars I spent that will save me from buy plastic bags in the future...and another added bonus, I'm being GREEN! :) The big one in the back is for my homemade tortillas/naan, I have been trying to figure out a good way to store them that keeps them as fresh as possible and foil just wasn't cutting it.

Another project that I have been tempted to try in the past and just recently decided to bite the bullet and do is make homemade yogurt. My family goes through yogurt quick, on average 2 32oz tubs a week! and that's just the plain kind...I occasionally buy P the flavored if the organic/natural is on clearance...but no more! I can sweeten my homemade yogurt!

The process for this is really simple and the results are far worth the effort by cost, flavor, and'll never go back I promise!
There are a lot of yogurt making machines out there but I did it very easily without one...don't hesitate to ask if you want detailed instructions on how!

Last but definitely not least...I STARTED RECYCLING!! :) This is something that I have been wanting to do for a while. I finally took the time to make (make-shift) bins and made room in my small pantry for them. Now I just have to make sure I get them to the right spots at the right time (our area has certain times/days). I have to admit, its a little intimidating for me...I'm learning about what goes in what bin, what can be recycled and what cant...did a bunch of research and I hope I have it right...I guess we will see how that goes, I'll keep you posted!

Sorry no P-ratings this time..not any recipes...or tempting treats...but I will say P told me just the other day that he is so glad that he married a woman that likes to cook,sew,be "homemade." In which I replied "basically, your glad you married a domestic housewife?" I'm just glad he's please with his choice! :)

I hope y'all are having a marvelous day today!
Learning and growing to trust my Lord and Savior- Mysti

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