Thursday, June 11

A day in the life of a frugal "stay at home wife"!!

Sadly, I have not been doing much cooking lately...well, I cook, its just not fun stuff I feel like posting about. Either that, or I've been lazy in my postings and am just trying to find an excuse.

Yeah, that's probably it. So sorry but, this post is NOT about a cooking adventure but rather a shopping adventure! I have been discovering the art (yes its an art) of couponing and bargain grocery shopping. Believe it or not, its actually a lot of fun for me. Its like a game that benefits P and I in our need to be frugal!

I have been following a lot of bloggers that do the same, some real professional couponers!! I have learned alot, and yesterday, I spent the day shopping around and decided (since i was so happy with my savings) I would post about it! Now the trend is to take pictures of all you buy, tell your savings and how much your OOP expense was...(out of pocket for those that were once like me wondering what all the abbreviations these ladies use!!) I couldn't wait to get home and take a picture and blog about it!! P of course thinks im nuts, but really, couponing has benefited us so much in the past few weeks that I have been doing it...we now have a fully stocked pantry and still stay in the budget needed! Its great!

So here is this weeks shopping trip...

Total OOP=22.54 Total Savings of a whopping 75.19!!

Not to mention everything is healthy! That's one thing you have to watch out for, if your good about eating healthy, you cant compromise for "crappy food" even if it is dirt cheap! You can still do really good by buying healthy stuff!

On another note, P and I will be moving to our 8th dwelling place this weekend...yep its that time again! Please pray for safety and ease of moving...We will be residing in Houston so that's another while we are there!

Hope all is well and knows just how much God's grace they are blessed with!!!

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