Thursday, July 9

Another great couponing trip!

For those that don't know...I am now officially employed! WOOOHOO! I am currently in training to be a dental assistant at a pediatric dentist! Pretty exciting, lots that I have to learn, a bit intimidating, but all in all, THANKING GOD I HAVE A JOB!!!!

So that obviously means I am resigning from my "stay at home wife" position for the time being and my couponing/cooking will probably not be as easy...I am going to try and keep up with the couponing, and switch my cooking to mostly the weekends...but hey, considering I have pretty much lost all blogging commitments nothing new will go on here! haha

I had a good week couponing, so good that I had to take another picture!! So here it is...

Savings of 135$ OOP was 7$ and some odd cents...this was just at Target this week!!!! I absolutely went crazy on the Kashi stuff, its good food that we will eat so now we are pretty well stocked!

Thanks for all who prayed for my job situation...God's grace is good...ALL He does is good...I definently learned from the whole situation!! :)

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  1. Ok, I am so feeling convicted about this. I need to be a better more frugal shopper! I just got a teaching job ( YAY!) and I am going to be super poor once I start paying back my student loans, so spending less will be super helpful. What are your tips? Good blogs for me to check out? Hook me up, girl!

    P.S- congrats on your new job and good luck! I know you will be awesome!


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