Sunday, January 17

Inspired and learning....

I admit, to me this blog was done with - nonexistent. I had definitely given up. Since the last post, I have been bogged down by the sad excuse of being "just too busy to cook!" Believe me, I didn't stop cooking. We still eat every day - most of the time at home...but the adventures were limited. For those that work a full time job and keep up with home life, its tough! I can't imagine doing it with kids! YIKES! Now that I have gotten into a so-called "rhythm," I have found myself longing for the experimenting days in the kitchen. Just because I had to work doesn't mean I had to give up a love right? The first inspiration was "Julie and Julia" For those who haven't seen it yet, you must..okay so you don't have to, but if you are into cooking (or even writing for that matter) its great. I highly recommend it! The new year also brought thoughts of "where's my life headed?" Usually these thoughts scare the "bageebeees" out of me...and yes, this time they did as well...A loving husband reminded me of a BIG, GOOD God we serve that is trustworthy! I decided that I'm not going to let work or "everyday life" get in the way of things I love. My New Years resolution: to cook more, travel more, and love more! I have started the cooking part but lately the traveling part has gotten the best of me..there is just no way! Then I saw the movie Up. The entire movie my brain was going, thoughts were flying, and it occurred to me that what I make of what I have is what God would be pleased with. To sulk because I can't do this or that is not! Mixing cooking with my desire to travel is the solution! And, although I don't get to see the real thing, it's what I CAN do and I'm happy with that! :) Each weekend, I plan on picking a destination from which to have a "travel meal" - and of course a movie and possibly a glass of wine (something p and I are being adventurous with)...There is lots to learn during the week to prepare me for my travels, and ooohh it excites me already!
So, ladies and gentlemen, fasten your seat belts, make sure your tray tables are up (at least for the take off), and I hope your enjoy the flight!!
This week's destination is Greece! :)

Any suggestions on greek food, wine, or movies are welcome...

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