Saturday, January 23


It's finished, Greece night was Great! After doing a bit of research during the week, (i even checked out a book from the library on Greece cooking) I feel like I pulled off an authentic greek meal! It was so much fun, and who knew all the possibilities! Here was the menu..carefully chosen to suit both a "meat and bread/cheese eater" and a "veggie lover!"
Appetizer: Saganaki (Fried cheese) with pita triangles
Wine: We cheated and stuck with white zinfindel...not to adventurous on that part except that we did try a new brand!
Main Course: Greek Salad, with homemade Greek Dressing, and Greek Chicken w/ Capers and Apricots and Feta Sauce on top! All this accompanied by the pita bread. The previous recipe link I provided in the appitizer listing is a recipe for Naan. I have tweaked this awesome recipe to make tortillas and pitas and it works great!)
Dessert: Baklava! I found an awesome recipe that uses agave intsead of honey since I had no honey on hand and plenty of agave!

Here are a few pics that capture the evening:

Making Pita Bread and the mess behind me!

P must have like the look of the Baklava bc I mostly have pics of it!

My sweet Husband cleaning up!

I dont think I can describe in words the enjoyment of putting together a "dinner party" for yourSELF! And I can't decide if the best part was my husband cleaning up my horrific mess (you had to have seen in the pictures!) or the fact that P actually ate and enjoyed onions!!!! The feta sauce had sauteed onions if you didnt read the recipe. Everything turned out wonderful...even the movie "My Big Fat Greek Wedding".

Since we went to the library I went ahead and chose the next weeks "trip"...we are headed to The Carribean, I dont think ive ever made anything from that place, I'm excited!

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