Sunday, January 31

Trip Cancled Due to Inclimate Attitudes...

Sorry to announce, The Caribbean just didn't happen. This past week was kind of nutty, along with a myriad of unwanted events...I learned that my motives this week were just shy of being pure. I spent way too many frustrating hours mulling over recipes, thinking of what in the "hay" I was going to make, and in complete frustration broke down Thursday night. It all ended when I laid my weeping body in bed proclaiming, "sweety, we aren't going to the Caribbean tomorrow night." After that decision my heart wept but my anxiety disappeared! what a relief!! We ended up having a very nice dinner I must say, stress free, and I made a recipe I have been wanting to try for a while. I even got to have lunch with my mom and coffee with a friend all in the same day! I guess you could say my "trip" was visiting with some people I love! :)
What I learned through this mess: I am a perfectionist with prideful issues...
What I did in this realization: confessed. My Savior is a forgiving GOOD God!

On a much lighter note..I made homemade bagels this weekend. Yummy to my tummy Apple Cinnamon Bagels. We had them this morning because I spent a better half of Saturday prepping them. Yes, they take a bit of time, but really, I think they are worth it...Nothing feels more satisfying than some time well spent on scrumptiousness (i know that's not a word but WOW it sounds good!)

Tasty traveling might resume this next week, but eh, Im not stressing over it! (or at least i'll do my best not to!!!)


  1. I am so inspired by your post, even if the trip was cancelled. Thank you for writing through your frustration! Not easy to do, but it is encouraging and shows those other bloggers out there that it's not always easy, but humbling to say the least! I would love to try that apple cinnamon bagel...based on the cute pic it looks great!

  2. Hey Sis, maybe trying just one recipe from a country instead of a whole MENU might be a little less daunting and overwhelming. I loved your post though. Sometimes God speaks more to us during our "disapointments" then during our "victories." Love you lots!


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