Tuesday, March 30

Carnitas, or YUMMO PORK!!

I'd feel like a horrible person if I didn't share this recipe with you. This is the most simple recipe, it took literally 5 minutes to prepare, and the results, AMAZING!!! I could probably eat this every day...okay maybe not, but really!
I whole heartedly believe that P and I could eat Mexican every night. We both have a love for the flavors, and when I make it (which is quite a bit) we are both so very satisfied. I sit a drool thinking about how much I cant wait to get home from work to eat it.
Meals at our house are prepared at least a day in advance and usually I will make enough to last us for a few days that way I'm not constantly in the kitchen after work. I like to come home, heat food, and eat! When I cook Mexican, I ALWAYS make more than enough for just a few nights. And tortilla chips..I really think P and I have eaten our weight in the things, already this year...It's an absolute must to keep a few extra bags on hand in our food storage closet or else some serious repercussions may occur! haha

Sorry I'm rambling so much about Mexican food...
Here is the recipe for carnitas. I love this ladies blog because she has some real "local" recipes. I mean look at her blog title! Her recipes never disappoint!
PLEASE if you don't try any of my other recipe postings, you must try this one...

Have a blessed Wednesday! :)

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