Tuesday, March 30

Max the Mixer :)

I have recently purchased a new family member...His name? Max the Mixer...I cant believe I actually have one!!! Words can't express...

Meet Max...

He almost looks like he's smilling at you huh??

I got him on Sunday from a friend that didn't use it very much...she literally said "I have used it a hand full of times" and got it at a very good price! I am already pleased with my purchase and used it for 3 different recipes THAT VERY NIGHT!! :) I have wanted a mixer for so long. I have ran across so many recipes that use it and my arm has gotten stronger for all these years without one..but not any longer!! He sits so beautifully in the corner of my kitchen. I almost feel like a real cook now!

Max will be aiding me in many recipes to come!! :) Im excited!

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