Monday, March 29

Blueberry Baked French Toast

I've been blessed with about a thousand bags of frozen blueberries, picked fresh from Mississippi. My grandma has steadily provided bag after bag and I'm definitely loving it! This weekend, I decided to try out a breakfast recipe ... or concoction made by ME!
Lately, I have been on a mission to only use things we already have stocked in our pantry/fridge. Since we have quite a bit, it really isn't hard to conjure up something to make and it's of course, helping the cause of "moving less" when the inevitable happens...we relocate! I made this from the leftover loaf of flax bread I made last week...I knew it was time to finish it off, and why not use some of the abundance of blueberries screaming at me from my freezer!? I had always been interested in the baked version of french toast so I decided to make an agave sweetened blueberry bottom, and a cubed french toast top, bake it all up and sprinkle some powdered sugar, and VIOLA! and I quote "I had a gourmet breakfast this morning"- P.
The weekend was full of sun so I had lots of opportunity to take GOOD pictures...I hope my father approves, as he has been critiquing the past photos!
Here is to another Monday...already looking forward to Friday!! :) Hope everyone has a good leading up to Easter week!

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  1. Personally, I think your photos are always great! And I'm sure your food is too!


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