Wednesday, April 28

Emergency Room Hummus!

I only name it that because it's true...It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon, I'm still in my church clothes, we had just gotten done eating lunch and I decided to try a recipe experiment....Next thing I knew, I was laying in the emergency room getting harassed by a male nurse while being stitched up! YIKES!

Alright, for those that don't want to hear the gross detailed story, here is the shortened version:
There were ripe avocados in my fridge that needed to be eaten...I wanted hummus, I blended the two together along with my finger and got Emergency Room Hummus! er, hummus in the emergency room?!

For those gory freaks out there, here is the detailed story:
I had been needing to use up some ripe avocados in my fridge and was really craving hummus so I thought to mix the two together. My thought was avocado hummus! Sounds good right?
Here is the concoction:
1 can chickpeas
2 ripe avocados
1tsp cumin
salt to taste
and I threw in some green salsa
cilantro would have been a good idea but had none on hand
You COULD stick it in a safe food processor but, since I have a handy dandy immersion blender, I decided to use that guy for easy clean up. After I had blended it, I so carefully stuck my index finger in the blade area to clean out the hummus that goops around it. My other hand so rudely (accidentally) hit the on button (this is were people usually exclaim "it was plugged in!?!?") and the blade went in my finger. I screamed to my husband "I think I just cut off my finger" at which he always runs in (I must say that a lot) but this time he thought the same. I tried to get the attachment off but the blade was literally stuck. He threw my crocs at me and out the door we ran. Thank God the hospital is 2 minutes away. P dropped me off at the ER door and when I ran in, a room full of people waiting looked at me like I was an alien. I guess I would have too after seeing a girl run in with a blender attachment stuck to her hand!! They immediately brought me back and after 3 shots of litocain and 5 RN's they finally torqued the blade with pliers to get the attachment off. Boy was I a spectacle for the ENTIRE staff. It indeed hit the bone but after xrays found out that there was no fracture. I got 4 stitches and some vicatin and was on my way. They sent me home with my blender attachment in a bag as well, I'm not sure if they thought I would want it as a souvenir or what? because it's RUINED :(

For real, the absolute worse injury I have received in the kitchen, and i have had a fair share of injuries, just ask my husband! I definitely got lectured on this one...

The hummus, by the way turned out really good!! Don't worry, I checked for blood before eating!


  1. Perhaps....this could be the $650.oo hummus...or the most expensive hummus you've ever eaten or made

  2. OH. MY. GOODNESS!!! So glad that you are okay!

  3. Mysti Sue you are soooooo blessed. That is the samething that Austin did a couple of years ago that resulted in two different surgeries with the hand specialist at Texas Children's to put his finger back together. Praise God it only took 4 stiches. Love you, Angie


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