Friday, July 30

Chicken Nectarine Salad

If I could, I would call this salad, "beautiful salad." It was such a joy each night we had it, sitting back and looking at the colorful master peice that was before us. Creating this salad was so much fun, not only is it quick and healthy, it was so easy to tweek to suit both of our likes and dislikes. Another different thing for us was, I put half a bunch of cilantro mixed in with the lettuce, it added even more of a fresh taste that salads usually have. Plus I love cilantro!
The picture is of P's salad- I couldn't resist the white feta "beautiness," the contrast of colors in food really intruiges me. I always say that when P and I finally decide to have kids one thing I can't wait to do is make it a game of how many different colors you can get on your plate, I just hope we don't end up with a picky eater that only eats one thing...not sure if my plan will work! 

Give this salad a try, make it your own, and make it colorful for goodness sake!!

Chicken and Nectarine Salad

1 nectarine sliced
salad greens (we used red leaf i believe)
1/2 bunch of cilantro chopped
sliced grilled chicken
carrot slices
broccoli pieces
crumbled bacon
crumbled feta
balsamic vinagarette

Not sure if you are unfamiliar with making a salad but you basically chop, pour, and toss!


  1. You are so right...It is a beautiful salad...Think I will try this one....

  2. very pretty! Sounds yummy too.


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