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January 2011

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 The first month of 2011 is almost gone and I am pleased at the outcome. As I had said in a previous post, I hope to keep up with evaluating things that are going on with me and my family on a regular basis. I do this in hopes to be more aware of God's grace and my need for continual growth. P started his second semester at DTS while I started my first. I couldn't be happier with the way God has allowed a decision, by my husband, be such a BIG part of my own life. Honestly, if there were one thing I could suggest (since we are only 5 years experienced at this whole marriage thing) as a benefit to unity in a marriage, it would be to totally involve yourself in your spouses endeavors. It hurts to see marriages split by one delving heavily in a life changing experience when the other is headed another way or doesn't care to partake in that experience along side. God has allowed me to really enjoy and take delight in my husbands (now our!) adventures and I am so thankful!
This semester brings for me, BE 101! It has been brought to my attention that students and professors at DTS speak of classes not by their actual name but by the registration code. Strange, I know, but I have followed suit, seeing as the other night someone asked me what I was taking and all I could get out (forgetting the actual name of the class) was BE 101! For those that don't know, that is code for Bible Study Methods. Nothing major or profound has come out of my studies, although it is nice to be getting back into the study habits and learning a deeper/accurate way of studying the Bible.
Not only did January bring a new adventure in starting school, I also felt like God has shown me, who am I kidding?, he is still showing me! to be content and even joyful in the situations He has allowed. We have experienced a few "highs" and "lows," making the month seem rather "roller-coasterish" but through those times I have been thankfully reminded that He chooses and allows those things to happen. By me submitting (only in attitude and reaction, considering I don't have much of a choice otherwise) to His sovereign will and knowing that He is good and has His best in mind, I am free to accept, with peace, whatever He allows. I find it humorous that every time something goes "wrong" or opposite of what we feel should happen we react like someone wronged us or we should deserve better. Our frustration turns into anger and bitterness when the situation gets "worse". Selfish desires and a selfish mindset is what I feel like causes these reactions. We get caught up in our own world so much that we forget that this world is not about us, shocking, I know! I am by no means in a state of extreme hardship but I found that even the simplest frustration's or "hick-ups" would cause a complaining, ungrateful attitude, which obviously came from my heart. My prayer is that God will continue to show me His sovereignty, my selfishness, and allow for joy in the midst of trials and unforeseen circumstances! A joy that comes from delighting in Him and knowing that the God I serve is trustworthy.

Other January excitement included-
1. Getting a new (to us!) washer and dryer!!!! We went a whole month without a dryer and it definitely was one of those trial times! I am soooooo grateful for our new purchase!
2. P picking up a few more side jobs- God is providing!!! :)
3. Reconnecting with our small group this month, which was great. After a long break over the Christmas holidays, I realized how much that part of our life is beneficial.
4. Buying kale for the first time! See last post for news on that!
5. A decision to try new foods which allowed for not only my first kale buy but also my first tempeh experience. I think I'm sold on both!
6. A visit from a friend that we hadn't seen in a long time. She stayed for the weekend and it was so nice to catch up and enjoy her and her daughter! :)
7. Being presented with the possibility of going to Africa this summer! A big prayer but, to our surprise God has been reminding us, in interesting ways, left and right.

We are saying good bye to January and HELLO to February, looking for God's provision in a number of decisions, and loving that we are apart of His plan.


  1. I love that your blog is as much about food for the soul as food for the belly! and I'm obviously reading your blog rather than studying. See you soon! - JM

  2. Awesome post..from an Awesome child..Love you more than you could know.. You guys keep up the good work...


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