Friday, January 7

Toaster Oven Happiness!

It has been a while since I have posted about a kitchen appliance. Since the new addition of a special one a few weeks ago, my desire for such a post has increased more and more! To my surprise Christmas brought more kitchen accessories than expected. Lavished with new pots, dishes, handy baking items, even grape seed oil, without a doubt I would deem my Christmas; a "kitchen spoiling," and I loved every bit of it! One special addition to our kitchen was a toaster oven! For over a year now I have commented on how much I wanted to switch from microwaving to toaster ovening (if you can call it that). There have been so many times I have pulled something out of the microwave and thought, that totally ruined my well-prepared meal, what a shame.

Although I have yet to figure out all the wonders of the handy dandy toaster oven, I am already impressed. You can tell just by the smile that crosses my face when I glance his way as I enter my kitchen. Call me a dork, good kitchen appliances make me a happy girl.

My desire for using a toaster oven came from reading so much information on what microwaves do to your food nutritionally not to mention what the altered, zapped "food" does IN your body. You may think it's a little much for me to be that paranoid, but after reading studies and watching You-Tubes...I'd at least prefer to use it less.

Not only have I committed to using the microwave less as a new years "resolution" (i put that word in quotes because I am still unsure if it is the correct word to use in many cases), I have also decided to revamp and tidy up my blogging. Hopefully, since sometimes plans don't go my way, I will blog more recipes with an emphasis on the nutritional benefits of a particular ingredient in the dish. Learning more about goals have given me a desire to have a more focused idea of the blogging that happens here. So, here's hoping! I also have a desire to express the things God is doing in my life through experiences, and teachings He allows. That being said, once a month I plan on posting about what He is doing in the life He's given me. I really hope that this all comes to fruition, I guess we will have to see!


  1. Love it! Plus you could always try to see how many "foody" words you can utilize in your post like how you used the word "fruition" above. A great pun, unintended no doubt.
    JM - Jefe

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