Thursday, March 31

March 2011

Highland Park Wisterias
Spring Break and four leaf clovers were hear and now are gone. Honestly as I sit and think of what all went on in the 31 days of March my mind goes blank. I could settle with the "it was good" comment that so many do, however my goal here is to dig deeper so lets hope I can.
At the beginning of the month we were excited when my parents and sister's family came up for a wedding that just so happened to be a mile (if that!) from our apartment. Needless to say we got to see them all and very close! At one point all 6 adults, 3 children, and 3 dogs were in our small one-bedroom apartment, something I didn't think could actually happen! Their visit was great, a relaxing much needed time with family.

Dallas Arboretum
I am happy to report that the health issues I spoke of in my last months report have subsided and I am incredibly awed (if that's a word?!) at how God really provided despite my lack of faith. Through encouragement, prayer, and some good de-stressing techniques things are really looking up. Thanks so much for those that prayed, I am thankful that God chooses to show Himself faithful despite my ignorance and distrust in Him.

Benches at the Arboretum!

After a long Saturday of training for the CARES program that I mentioned last month, Patrick and I have decided that it may not be a good time to pursue this commitment. Although final decisions have not been made, we are praying about it and seeing that it might be better to focus on school and other time-consuming commitments that we have already signed up for! The program really seems to be good and have honorable motives so if anyone would be interested in something like this we would definitely promote it. That being said, P and I have been slowly looking for a new place to live here in Dallas as we will embark that adventure at the end of April. It will be here before we know it!
Throughout most of March I have been reading a book that was given to me called "Creative Counterpart" by Linda Dillow. A pattern seems to be forming, once I feel like I have read enough books on my role as a wife, God really shows me and lays a book like this in my hands. It has really been such a good reminder and I must say it has strengthened our marriage ten-fold through big hurdles and small details. I now realize how important these reminders are because I tend to forget a lot! It wouldn't surprise me one bit if God needs to remind me of my role my entire life!

Beautiful Tulips!
Well, Spring is here and the warm weather consistently pulls through, Kaepo got his "summer haircut" early this year and I think he is appreciative. There are beautiful blooms all over town and I was able to visit the Dallas Arboretum this last week, it was like walking around in Hawaii, amazing smells and vibrant colors. God continues to be faithful through seasons, and creative through nature. He is so good! Well, as I always say- We are saying good bye to March and HELLO to the Easter month April, looking for God's provision in a number of decisions, and loving that we are apart of His plan.

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