Wednesday, February 10

Happy Valentines Week!

I have been hearing that all husband is up to something...but that's fine with me! :)
To celebrate the momentous occasions I decided to start pampering my husband a bit early. Sunday I made homemade kolaches!! I used this recipe for pizza bites and altered it to wrap some cute little turkey breakfast sausages. The recipe makes enough for 2 pizzas so half went to the kolaches and ill use the other half to make p's favorite pizza! I was pretty impressed with the turn out of the kolaches, they were almost too cute to let him eat! I also put some yummy smoked cheddar in with the sausage that oozed so beautifully. I think ill be making these again per p's request.

Another fun thing I made for my sweet is V-Day cupcakes!! My first time to play with fondant and I actually got to make it! I found this recipe of marshmallow fondant...its suppose to taste better than the normal stuff and it was surprisingly easy and cheap to make..TONS O' FUNDANT is what i called it!! I will definitely be experimenting with this stuff in the near future!

Hope y'all have a Happy Valentines Week!!

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