Monday, February 15

My Moms Birthday!

I'm not sure weather we traveled to China or Asia but this time I took my family with me...ha!
I get the two country cuisines kind of mixed up, I'm almost positive that if I were actually able to go to both I would see a world of difference but here, in these "Americanized" grocery stores, they are meshed into one small section in the "international isle". Shameful.
This trip was quite a feat I must say. I started getting sick Thursday but as I told my husband "mind over matter" I wouldn't let myself get sick till this event was over. We surprised my mom with the theme, or at least tried to...and was also able to get a cake from my mom's favorite cake place (the one that did my wedding cake!)
I took care of the menu and cooking, my sis took care of the decor and my Flo took care of the cake!
Appetizer: Baked (not fried!) egg rolls with dipping sauce. (no link bc I made up this concotion myself!)
Main Course: Hoision BBQ Chicken, Fried Rice, and Szechuan Green Beans.
Dessert: The cake of course!!
Everything turned out good, not much leftovers and my sick husband was pleased I brought him back a morsel or two!

Funny story to wrap up this post...
As we tried to surprise my mom on the theme of her birthday dinner, my niece decided to be so clever for a 4 year old and tell her "Grammy" that she wouldn't tell her what they were getting her for her birthday but "mom's been making these lanterns out of Chinese paper?!" SHEESH! leave it to a 4yr old to spill the beans!

I got through the evening, but after I got home I sat on the couch and said to P "NOW I can get sick"...and boy am I..STILL!

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