Wednesday, March 3

Another Weekend in France!

This France trip tasted better to me...I guess we just needed to "simmer" there a little longer! I really wanted to make a few more things before we left the country so I decided to stay one more weekend, when in all reality I will mostly likely come back! I wasn't as enthusiastic about taking pictures this time to display. I decided that it's time for some picture taking lessons, or something, mine just don't come out as good as the other bloggers follow and secretly long to be like! P says its my camera, but I am still bound and determined to get a good shot with the one I have. There is a website called "food gawker" ( and they have a display of AMAZING food shots that make me ooo and ahhh everyday. I long to have the ability to take photo's and make food like these day!

Until then here was our 2nd France trip!
Main Course- Coq au Vin I must comment on this dish, I personally thought it was GREAT..P of course didn't enjoy the veggies but said the Chicken was super moist and had tons of flavor. I would recommend trying this recipe out, it really isn't hard and it makes your kitchen smell like a restaurant..I'm beginning to wonder if people around us in the apt. complex are smelling all the aromas I make every week!
Side Dish- Potato Galette with Leeks -absolutely beautiful, tasted pretty darn good as well!
Dessert- Ganache Truffles- I admit, I used leftover ganache from last weeks macarons, made them into balls and covered in melted pic, p devoured before I remembered their photo shoot! :)

Another good week in France...I think we are headed south this next weekend and yet again, I'm super excited!

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