Saturday, March 6

I really want to go to for real!

Going to Italy was surreal, although Rome wasn't a favorite of mine, Cinque Terre was amazing. It captured everything I imagined and wanted Italy to be like. Seeing colorful buildings stacked close together along the Mediterranean coast, watching women hang clothes on a line out their windows, and smelling ...oh the smell of Italy! I do hope to go back one day. Until then...ill dream and cook! Even though I have been avoiding Italian, only because its such a common food here,...I have been dying to try and make a homemade (really semi-homemade) ravioli! I went to World Market (my most favorite store) this last week and found Italian Soda on sale- this marked the final decision it's time for Italy!! I knew P would love this meal. Its all his favorites-meat, pasta, cheese, more cheese...bread. I also got to experiment with a no-knead bread recipe that turned out great!

Here is what we had...

Drink- Pomegranate Italian Soda (World Market Brand-P loved it!)
Main Dish- A "Mysti" rendition of 3 Cheese Ravioli*, Italian Sausage with a drizzling of Homemade Marinara Sauce and Parmesan Cheese. (sadly I ate hardly any of this...cheese doesn't do well with me!)
*I got the idea of making Ravioli with won ton wrappers when I made egg rolls worked great!
Side Dishes- No-Knead Bread and a simple Romaine Salad with Vinaigrette.
Dessert- Mocha Semifreddo with Chocolate Graham Crust

I failed in the movie department this weekend...we ended up watching the hour long episode of The Office and after that I was spent...

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  1. Very cool! You will have to come over one day and we'll make ravioli with my pasta roller...I hardly use it, but it is awesome for ravioli because it gets the dough thinner and more uniform than I can hand roll it.


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