Sunday, March 7

Oooie Goooie Yummieness!

I was literally jumping up and down when these came out of the oven...perfect, I must say..PERFECT!! I have made many cinnamon rolls in my days..okay so I didn't start until P and I got married and I learned they were one of his favorites. But believe me, since then I have tried plenty. Cinnamon rolls are the easiest thing...and I have had some flops, I've had some "they're pretty good" but when it's confirmed that the "dough boy that laughs" does better, I'M JUST NOT SATISFIED!! Something about food packaged in a can makes me cringe and the thought that I can't make something at least as good makes me want to cry! ha ha Well NO LONGER Mr. Pillsbury! waaahooo

I know this isn't a "tasty travel" but to express my excitement and display the beauty I just had to post!

If you want to try your hand at them here is the recipe. Surprisingly its a variation of the No-Knead Bread I posted about last...I am definitely going to try out more with this technique!!

Hope y'all have a wonderful week. Please be praying for our decisions with P and DTS!

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