Sunday, March 14

Pi Day, Twenty Ten!

Its March 14th...better known as Pi day!!! To celebrate, of course, a pie needed to be made. Going with the traditional isn't always my forte so I decided what better time to try out that No-Knead Pizza recipe that I've been eyeing! We had Pizza (or should i say Pie!) for breakfast this morning...P's dream come true! Haha, it was a breakfast pizza and it was yummy. I have to say, the "fried" egg trick I have seen on some posts didn't work atop my pizza. I really wanted to dip my crust in a runny yolk but at first my egg came out with a runny white part which makes me what to Ralph..after only a few moments longer it came out with a hard yellow part..BLAH AGAIN! I think I'll stick with scrambled next time..

Now I'm sitting on my porch soaking up some amazing weather...Hope Ya ll have a WONDERFUL Pi day...I know its beautiful from my porch! :)

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