Tuesday, March 16

Ditching India and staying in America!

This past weekend there was a trip planned to India...and boy did I lack the motivation to pull that trip together! I kept thinking in the back of my head, man I really just want to make burgers. I guess the desire for burgers outweighed India because burgers is what I made. There was a really good looking burger recipe I have had saved in my favorites for a while along with a bun recipe I have been wanting to try so there ya go..we stayed in America and man...today we had our last bit of leftovers from the adventure and I wished we could stay there a bit longer. They were REALLY good...simple but good! :)
The homemade burger buns turned out perfect, a good toasting bun, soft and kept over the past few days. The best one I've made!
The Lime/Jalapeno Burgers I made with half ground chicken and half pork loin...P's rating-
"these are the best non-grilled burgers I've ever had!"
I'll take that any day! :)

Tomorrow is St. Patties (my husbands day) and I'm looking forward to posting about my fun dessert!! Don't get pinched, WEAR GREEN!!!

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