Wednesday, March 17

Thin Mints all dressed up for Patties Day!

I have been too excited to post about these jewels...I made them this past weekend and P has definitely been enjoying them. They couldn't be posted about till today, though, because of course, it's St. Patricks Day!!

Here is the recipe for the Thin Mints - definitely a keeper. This is one of the few recipes I have made more than once...hehe. It's fairly easy and just as good (or better!) as the partially hydrogenated filled ones you buy from those "girls" that sell them outside Kroger!

I had some leftover fondant so I made some cute, somewhat four leaf clover looking, things. I also had a beautiful day to take pictures in and it made a world of difference!! Amazing how natural sunlight will do to a picture...or me for that matter! I am loving coming home to the sunny afternoons, and being able to ride home from work with my windows rolled down!! woohoo!

Hope yall had a good St. Patties!


  1. It is St. Patrick's or St. Paddy's Day

  2. YUM!! Will be trying this one soon! By the way...four leaf clovers usually have 4 leaves...but I like your three leaf clovers.


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