Sunday, March 21

Banana-Cinnamon-Chocolate Chip Biscotti!

Say that 3 times fast and I'll make you a batch! I love making biscotti...

This weekend I had a dilemma, I can't really call it a dilemma anymore because it really happens almost every weekend! I had no reason to cook anything (we had plenty to eat in the fridge) but I wanted to cook! I know it sounds funny, too much cooking-not enough eating! Luckily we went to H-ville to have dinner with P's I got to make a batch of these to bring with us!

I love making biscotti! (have I already said that??) Really though, it's one of those subtley sweet snacks that you can have for breakfast and get away with it being somewhat healthy! Sweet enough for a dessert...small enough for a snack..and don't get me started on something that will hold up when dipped in coffee!
I feel like I have found the key to good biscotti and the secret is adding more whole grains! I made this with part whole-wheat and part oatmeal believe it or not. The idea came from a King Author Flour recipe and I have tested it out on other biscotti recipes and have loved the outcome. The banana flavor in this recipe came through great, and I added a few toasted pecans to add the the banana bread theme...It was Perfectly crunchy and softened just a bit when dipped in my coffee...mmmm cant wait till tomorrow morning to "try" it again!

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