Wednesday, March 24

Spring Time Fun!

Hopefully you can tell, they are butterflies!!! :)

The girls at work have been "whining" about the fact that I need to make them some decorated cupcakes...wah wah wah. Actually, in all reality, I love to cook and don't mind making them some EVERY week! he he
I found the idea on decorating these at, I know! There are some dang cute ideas on "her" web site in case you were wondering!
The cupcakes are a fun kids organic mix I found on sale...added a bit of lemon zest to make them more spring-like. Slathered on top is a cream cheese lemon frosting!- definitely an experiment...
I'm super excited about Spring being here and these were the perfect way to celebrate. I cant wait to find other fun and colorful recipes to try out...

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