Thursday, April 15

Hiding Things in the Freezer :)

Last week the dessert of the week was cheesecake. I mosty chose that because, as i told you before, I found that ricotta at such a good price. Little did P know, I had just made vanilla semifreddo and it was waiting for him in the freezer! Since I had to make that cheesecake before my ricotta went bad...I didn't say a word about the semifreddo until the cheesecake was gone...I knew what would happen if I revealed my secret! He loves that semifreddo way to much for it to just sit there...

I really wanted a vanilla semifreddo to go with that blueberry pastry I made a bit ago, P was a little jealous he didn't get to try that one because I gave it to my parents. I made another one for this dessert!

Apparently vanilla is not a common semifreddo flavor and since I had a hard time finding a recipe I had to make my own, it turned out great!

Vanilla Semifreddo


1 cup sugar
6 large egg yolks
2 c creme fraiche (you can also you whipping cream)
1 tsp vanilla

1.In a large heatproof bowl set over (not in) a saucepan of simmering water, combine 3/4 cup sugar with egg yolks and vanilla. Whisking constantly, cook mixture until pale, thickened, and nearly doubled in volume, about 5 minutes. Remove from heat; set aside to cool, about 10 minutes.

2.In a large bowl, using an electric mixer, beat creme fraiche with remaining 1/4 cup sugar until stiff peaks form. Whisk 1/3 whipped creme fraiche into cooled egg-yolk mixture; with a rubber spatula, fold in remaining whipped creme. Transfer mixture to freezer safe bowl. Freeze until firm, at least 3 hours and up to 1 week.

3. Dish that yummy stuff up with an ice-cream scoop!
Make sure the pastry is just warm enough to make the semifreddo melt slowly while you eat it, I know it looked absolutely de-lish, and P can attest to the taste! If you haven't tried semifreddo, do it, now!


  1. ooooooo. This looks yummy!

  2. this looks so jealous that I can't just whip something up like this...or alter a recipe to my standards.... heck..what standards... i have no standards...waaaahaaaa... it really looks delish


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