Sunday, May 30

P's Beef Sliders

Nothing is better than coming home from work to dinner, hot off the grill. P has been helping a lot more around the kitchen lately. I think my little tour I gave him, after we got settled in our new place, helped! :) My mom gave me a pound of grass fed natural beef from a co-op we are apart of. I rarely buy beef and I don't recall ever buying ground beef but she raved over this stuff so I was tempted to try it out. P decided to make his own "slider" with the homemade burger buns I made. They turned out great and I may have turned into a beef burger lover. However, it has to be all natural of course. These would be a perfect Memorial Day recipe if you don't have one planned already!
I'm super excited because my mom and Flo are coming to visit us today!! Not only that but P leads worship for the first time at our new church! What an exciting day!

P's Beef Burgers/Sliders

1 lb NATURAL beef
about 3tbs Lea & Perrins
about 1tbs Montreal Steak Seasoning

Simple and Good! Mix all that up and let sit in fridge for 3 hrs. Make into patties as big or small as you want. Grill.

I'm going to add that P's recipes are not exact, I pretty much quoted what he said when I asked "What did you put in your sliders, babe?" Sorry if your one for exact measurements.

Have an awesome Memorial Day! Thank those who have served for our blessed country!


  1. It's always so funny to read your posts with your P! My P is a grillin guy too. I know I'm lame, but I love that you have a P and our doggies look kind of similar! :)

  2. Yummy with the guac on top! :)


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