Sunday, December 19

Grace Continually Received...

This specific post is unlike any other I have offered. Yesterday my amazing husband officially completed his first semester at Dallas Seminary. My eyes well up with tears as I sit and type this. I don't think I can express how proud I am of the amount of work, thought, dedication, and time he has devoted to even just one semester. And all that only by God's grace.

We both knew starting this past fall that we (I say both him and I because really it affects both of us!) would experience a life change for the next 4 1/2 to 5 years, but the amount of grace that God has extended in only this first semester is more than we expected in his entire school career.

It would be false of me to say that the journey so far has not been hard. I look back over the last few months and think of the struggles God has allowed through jobs (or lack there of), arguments, late nights (or early mornings), uncomfortable environments, new places, and "home" sickness. But, when I honestly recollect the struggles ... they all pale in comparison to the amount of grace and love we have experienced since starting this adventure.
We have heard and know that the life we are living is uncommon, not favored, or sometimes rejected. I guess that's what you choose when you choose to follow the will of God.

P off to his first day of school!

Here it is, the end of 2010 and most would look back and contemplate what they have accomplished. In reality what should be thought of is the amount of grace you have received, and what have you done with it. If there is one thing that I have been blessed to learn this past year it would be self accomplishments are nonexistent. We can accomplish or receive nothing with out the grace of God.

I thank Him for the grace of;

1. My job at Dallas Seminary- the high calling of being apart of furthering God's Kingdom through a school that sends countless missionaries into the world in one way or the other.

2. My husband- we have learned so much this past year together, I still question why God allowed him as my life-time partner.

3. Family- for their love and support in more that one way!

4. Friends- old ones that still encourage and new ones that are eager to engage!

5. Most of all; my salvation- I don't think I will ever fully grasp what I have through the salvation God has extended to me.

Fun times with friends!!

I say good bye to 2010 and laugh at the crazy things that have happened; Kaepo learning the difference between growl and bark, our fun trip the the emergency room when I almost cut off my finger, the seven jobs that I have had, and two moves (which may be an all time low for us!).

Somewhat speechless, I take a deep breath and face 2011 with the comfort of knowing whatever happens, my God is in control of each and every situation. I look forward to being a student at DTS (yes I am doing it too!) starting in January, encouraging my husband through his career as graduate student, and to move as little as possible !! : )

I hope and pray that every one's Christmas and New Year's is full of the realization of God's goodness and grace!


  1. Awww...what a lovely testimony. Thanks for posting this =)

  2. As I wipe away the tears I beam with pride that YOU are my daughter. Hold up that head and Congratulations to both of you and do what makes You both Happy and pleases GOD... I love you.....

  3. Love it. You can write. Come take a writing class--or at least come find me for coffee. Prof Glahn

  4. God Job, Sis. Very good post. And, Surprise! You CAN write! I am very impressed! Love you lots and can't wait to see you at Christmas!!

  5. Best post ever!
    Jenny McG


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