Sunday, February 27

February 2011

February, oh February where did you go? This month seemed to be (in my books) hardly there! We spent the first 2 weeks barely able to leave the apartment and the last two weeks trying to play catch up. I know this month is shorter from the rest but really?! It seemed more like a week! The short valentine month brought snow, and lots of it for us Texans. Not only was it a record breaking snow fall, (i think?) it was the most snow I have ever seen fall in my life (all 27 years of it), the most consecutive days our seminary has closed due to weather, and the largest planned rolling blackouts it the history of Texas! It would prove to be a unique month in my book. Needless to say, the temperatures rising to the 70's consistently was a nice finish to the month and I was happier than "peach pie" to wear shorts around our apartment!! It feels like Spring is here and I pray that it stays!!

Other than the remarkable weather, and to go with a record breaking month, I was able for the first time, that I can remember, not passing out when my blood was taken! After suffering from pain for the past 2 months I decided to finally go to the doctor in hopes that she would;
1. confirm what was ailing me,
2. give me medicine, and
3. assure me that would be the cure.
Ironically this routine is what I dislike about doctors: ailment, medicine, bye. Well, I got what I have always asked for, a real explanation (one I DID NOT want to hear), and a follow up plan (which did not include taking medicine). Leaving the doctor emotional, it took my sweet husband and a substantial amount of praying to realize the blessing that came from the lady in the white coat. Although it frustrates me beyond belief, my "ailment" is not something medicine will fix in a few short days, it's something I am going to have to trust God, lean on others, and slowly work on. I have a muscle problem that is said to be linked to psychosomatic issues. I came home feeling defeated, knowing at that time, there was NOTHING I could do about it because it's all in my head. Well, I was right, there isn't anything I can do, besides trust in God that this be something He wants to alleviate from me. I am thankful that its not a serious condition, just something that has been annoying for a while! If your willing, please pray, not only for my trust in God through this time, but my humility to seek help. Both of which goes completely against my current character, unfortunately.

Aside from all that craziness, Patrick and I have really enjoyed watching a fun TV series on Netflix called Psych! It has been our "past-time" this month and we have both had fun keeping up with it together!
We were able to visit family mid-February for my mom's birthday and also got to see family from Colorado which happens too little.
Patrick and I have also been accepted to a program called Apartment Life to be a CARES team. We start our training in 2 weeks and hope to be moved into a new apartment soon after. For those that are unfamiliar with the program you can check it out here- We hope this can be a ministry opportunity for both of us together while we are here in Dallas.
As I said in the last month update, we have been praying for the possibility to go to Africa and as of now it looks more like Patrick will be going without me. :( I am indeed saddened by this decision but know that this opportunity will be sooo good for Patrick as it will allow him to fulfill a required internship, not to mention see if this could be something we want to pursue post-graduation. I am truly excited for this opportunity weather I get to go or not!
I guess thats all for this month....As I said last month- We are saying good bye to February and HELLO to March, looking for God's provision in a number of decisions, and loving that we are apart of His plan.

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  1. I'm praying for you sister. I love you lots!


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