Friday, February 20

I'm trying not to gloat...

I guess you could say this week was "kiddie food week", I had lots of fun making kid friendly meals such as turkey'roni pizza, mac and cheese, hamburgers (made from ground chicken) and sweet potato fries, but last night I topped the charts with homemade corn dogs!! I was intrigued by a package of nitrate free, all natural, hormone free, turkey hot dogs at the grocery store, not only was the packaging incredibly eye-catching, the fact that I haven't eaten a hot dog since who knows when?!! (mainly because of the "God-awful" things they put in what is labled FOOD) I have dismissed them until now!
I planned on trying out a Martha Stewart recipe I found for baked corn dogs, although I was not that impressed with the steps to take, and the reviews were far under par. I just needed to find a way to get that corn bread, kind of crispy, but still soft on the inside texture. After a few days of thinking about it I decided to give it a whirl last night and come up with my own recipe!

I must say, I haven't been this pleased about my VERY OWN creation in quite sometime! Usually the totally mysti-made creations are good, could even pass for another round...but this time, I was literally gloating at the dinner table!! :) Not to mention I still stayed with the consistent healthy make over on not so healthy favorites!
They aren't fried, not even baked! I have been learning the art of steaming bread...and it paid off!

***P-rating- "awesome, they taste like normal corn dogs! You should definitely post this on a recipe website...I'm impressed!"***

They took some time, weren't too hard, but well worth the wait and preparation if you like corn dogs that is! I even served it with some "high-fructose FREE" ketchup from whole foods! The only thing I would change is make more!

Okay, enough gloating for today, hope y'alls day is as beautiful and blessed as mine!


  1. girl i want your baked corn-dog recipe!!! i have sworn off fried foods but i miss corn dogs. sad ... i know. had i known you had this blog i would have been reading it a loong time ago! your so creative!!

  2. where is this recipe?

  3. I'm so sorry, I didn't post recipes at this time but if you want the recipe I will give me!


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